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Why Choose Us

Technology based around your business.

With our unique blend of business process consulting and technology development, we build solutions that work seamlessly with your organisation and employees.

All of our developers have business consulting backgrounds, and have spent several years working with a variety of clients from a business-focussed point of view.

This has allowed them to build up a depth of expertise in understanding how different businesses work and the unique challenges faced in various industries.

We believe that a deep understanding of how our clients operate is essential to developing useful solutions. If we don't believe that a technology solution delivers the best ROI for you, we are happy to recommend alternative approaches.

That's how committed we are to doing what's best for our clients.

Our broad knowledge of multiple technologies allow us to deliver the most appropriate solution based on your budget and requirements, rather than the constraints of any particular technology.

With Microsoft certifications including MS Excel Expert, MS Word Expert, MS Access Specialist, MS PowerPoint Specialist and MS Office Master, you can be confident that our solutions follow best practice within the software development industry.

We specialise in the industry-standard technologies of C#, MS SQL, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS3 and Javascript, as well as Microsoft's proprietary VBA, which is used to adapt MS Excel and MS Access into powerful applications.

We believe that there is more to a solution than simply dumping it onto the customer and walking away. Our philosophy is to work alongside our clients at every step of the way.

We use the AGILE methodology of software development which involves small incremental changes over the life of the project, allowing our clients to start using the solution from an early stage whilst being able to provide ongoing feedback.

Once our clients are happy with the solution, we are still on hand to ensure it works smoothly both from a technical and functional point of view. All of our software is flexible and can be enhanced at any point in the future.

Our Management Team

Lee Ramsingh

Managing Director

Lee started his career wrestling with complex spreadsheets as an FX analyst at Barclays Capital, and then moved to PwC where he spent a number of years as a management consultant. It didn't take him long to notice that a lot of his clients could make significant savings if they automated and/or streamlined their processes using technology.

As such he decided to start a technology company with a focus on delivering quantifiable benefits from bespoke software. Since then, BTC has acquired a number of high-profile clients who regularly use BTC's software in their day-to-day operations.

Lee graduated from Imperial College London with a First Class Honours in Biomedical Engineering. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and holds the Microsoft Office Master certification.


Matthew Gamble

Principal Consultant

Matthew's first experience of programming came whilst studying Engineering at Durham University. His immediate interest in this area led to him undertaking a software development Masters project in VB.NET, in which he built a tool to aid the design of commercial aircraft.

Deloitte recruited Matthew straight out of university, where he worked in the Banking and Capital Markets Audit and Financial Advisory department. As part of this role, he analysed the internal processes of many high-profile institutions including Santander, RBS and BNP Paribas.

At BTC Matthew combines an engineering background with his consulting expertise and knowledge of business processes to develop efficient and fit-for-purpose solutions for his clients.


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