Visitor Data Reporting Tool

A robust, powerful and easy-to-use data analysis tool and report generator

The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions, ALVA, is a lobbying organisation that represents key British tourist attractions and fosters communication between these. Every month, its 100+ members fill in a spreadsheet on the number of visitors they have received and ALVA pulls these together to produce the information packs, analysis and benchmarking that inform a final report for members.

The Challenge

Pulling the data together is a laborious process, and it can be easy for one or more members to be missed. The structure of the information is also such that extracting meaningful analysis can be cumbersome. Finally, it is difficult to produce a standardised, user-friendly output using this way of working.

The Desired Outcome

ALVA wanted to upgrade the tool, so that it was more stable, robust and easy-to-use. The organisation wanted to be able to significantly cut down the time it takes to put monthly reports together. Getting various cuts of data such as year-to-date or previous-year, should be easy. Additionally, it would be useful to be able to find a member organisations quickly when reviewing data.

The Solution

Better Technology Consulting has upgraded the MS Excel tool where member data is collected. It is now an all-in-one solution, which allows data to be quickly and robustly stitched together. The system has also been enhanced with search facilities. Importantly, users can generate fully-fledged PDF reports at the click of a button, using the cuts of data they desire.

The Impact

Better Technology Consulting’s upgrade has saved users at ALVA hours of time every month by streamlining the process behind generating monthly reports. The upgrade has made the tool reliable, easy-to-use, powerful and flexible, creating the most impact with minimum disruption.

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