Time & Movement System

A labour & expenses planning and data capture system

Elliot’s Hill is a care and support company, with services that range from supported living and residential care to education and training for individuals with learning difficulties. As a part of these services, Elliot’s Hill runs several care facilities with independent teams at each location. To calculate staff pay, labour data of every shift was collected by printing off timesheets and asking all staff to record their shifts. This information was then entered manually into the company’s systems.

The Challenge

Printing out timesheets, waiting for them to be filled in by hand and returned often caused a delay in payment to Elliot’s Hill’s staff and typing up hand-written notes was an error-prone and time-consuming process.

The Desired Outcome

Elliot’s Hill needs a system which allows staff to record their own shift times and other pertinent details. This information needs to be exported in a format that could be input directly to SAGE, the accountancy software.

The Solution

Better Technology Consulting has helped Elliot’s Hill improve its timesheet management by producing a MS Excel tool. Staff can access the tool centrally and update their shift information whenever they need to. The tool then automatically consolidates all staff data and exports it to SAGE.

As an additional enhancement, the tool also allows staff to record mileage of journeys made and details of overnight stays, something that was not possible in the old system.

The Impact

Using an automated system saves Elliot’s Hill’s staff a great deal of time, as well as eliminating hours of administrative work.

The tool is user-friendly and accessible, and employees enjoy the benefits of ensuring their information is correctly recorded so they can be paid accurately and in a timely fashion.

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