Automated Data Visualisation

Rapid generation of client analysis templates

Nielsen has a team of over 1000 analysts across different countries who generate thought-provoking analysis for their clients based on raw data contained in proprietary databases.

The Challenge

When an analyst needs to generate a piece of analysis, they must send their requirements to another team, responsible for transforming the raw data into meaningful charts and dashboards.

The analysis is then sent back to the analyst for review, who will return it with and the process iterates until the analysis finally reflects what the user is looking for.

The Desired Outcome

It was clear that efficiency could be improved by empowering the analysts to easily create their own charts and dashboards. The desire was for a tool to be developed using software that the analysts were already familiar with, to minimise training requirements. Flexibility was a key requirement: once the output was generated, the analyst should be able to easily customise any part of it, from layout to formatting.

The solution should also be able to export the dashboards generated into MS PowerPoint format, so they could easily be pulled together for a client.

The Solution

It was quickly determined that MS Excel would be the most appropriate platform for the solution, due to Nielsen’s existing API, allowing MS Excel to connect directly to its proprietary databases, and Excel's native compatibility with PowerPoint.

We focussed on developing a system which clearly differentiated inputs, processing and outputs. This way the user would not be overwhelmed by the flexibility of the tool, but would still be able to get all the data they needed with effortlessly.

The Impact

By streamlining the process by which data analysis is performed, Nielsen are now able to service their clients faster and produce richer insights.

The ability to rapidly switch between different databases and quickly generate PowerPoint presentations is entirely new functionality that has allowed the various teams to work more efficiently.

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