Project Planning Tool

Easy programme forecasting and review

SMD are a specialist sub-contractor delivering floor and roofing solutions on construction projects throughout the UK. Typically, they will secure between 250-300 projects a year, and each project will be secured on an agreed programme with the client.

The Challenge

Historically, SMD has used simple Excel spreadsheets to manage the project programmes, but this has not been very successful as they are not very functional, difficult to update and people end up either not creating them in the first place or not updating them during the project.

They have also tried to introduce software solutions such as Microsoft Project but have struggled to get buy in from our Construction Managers as this solution is quite complexed and more suited to manage large complicated projects.

The Desired Outcome

To implement a solution that the current team buys into and will use to produce agreed programmes on all projects. Since not all of the Construction Managers are fluent in using technology, the solution needs to be as simple-to-use as possible and locked-down where appropriate.

Also by having a fixed agreed programme that is clear and easy to understand, SMD can give our site operatives better guidance of what works need to be completed by when.

The Solution

We developed an Excel-based solution that is easy to update on a daily / weekly basis, so SMD can record the changes to the programme and why those changes have occurred.

The planning element can be 'locked' once all of it has been done, so that the Construction Managers can input and review actual progress against what was forecast.

The Impact

SMD has seen a reduction in issues occurring during the construction phase. In addition, their commercial team have been able to agree and close final accounts quicker with less arguments over deductions for delays.

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