Operations Database Upgrade

The most appropriate solution for the needs of our client

Testing & Consultancy Services (TCS) is a market leading company specialising in concrete structural investigation, ground investigations, pile testing and construction materials testing.

The Challenge

TCS have been using an MS Access database for several years, in order to manage their customers, order book, test results and certificates. However, the system was developed a long while ago by a developer who is no longer contactable; and is has not been written in a way that could be easily taken over.

Due to a recent system upgrade, the database is no longer compatible with the latest verison of MS Office, and TCS were unable to upgrade the remaining computers in fear of losing access to their database.

The Desired Outcome

The basic requirement was for a replica of the current database to be developed, that would be future-proof and not go "out-of-date". On top of this, TCS had built up a wish-list of additional features and functionality that would be nice to have.

The Solution

Originally, BTC recommended a cloud-based solution; however, upon testing the prototype, it became clear that the inevitable delays due to sending information across the internet, would be unacceptable for the large volume of data entry that was to be performed daily.

This is why BTC changed their approach and developed a new version of the database in the latest version of MS Access, but using all of the best practices to make the database easily portable to other platforms in the future.

The Impact

With the ability to use the new database across both old and new software, TCS are back to business-as-usual without any downtime.

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