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We're experts in creating clean, intuitive and powerful
spreadsheets using advanced formulae & VBA (macros).

  • Start new projects, or rebuild existing spreadsheets.

    We'll take you from start to finish in creating new spreadsheets
    or fixing cumbersome legacy systems.

  • Perform powerful functions with one click.

    No more pasting, sorting, and filtering. Click once, and our macros
    command Excel to automate sequential tasks.

  • Enjoy the relief of user-friendly design.

    Maintenance is a breeze with our intuitive navigation, easy-to-read
    charts, and customised colour themes.




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Why Choose Us

Technology made for your business.

Our consultants specialise in rapidly understanding the unique requirements of your business, in order to propose a solution tailored to your exact requirements.

Maximise ROI.

We use tried-and-tested, industry-standard technologies, keeping our development costs down whilst remaining flexible and powerful enough for line-of-business systems.

Eliminate risks.

Reap the benefits of automation, which can significantly reduce the amount of manual input required in your processes; thus minimising the chance of human error.

What We Do

We've developed spreadsheet solutions for our clients in mining, healthcare, finance and education, amongst other sectors. Our wealth of cross-industry experience allows us to understand the subtle nuances that are specific to your area, in order to build a system that's the perfect fit for your business.

Keep your costs down by leveraging your existing software

When configured correctly, Microsoft Excel has the potential to perform as a bespoke software package, significantly reducing development costs compared to commissioning a bespoke system from scratch.

  • HR and Payroll (including SAGE integration)
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Timesheets and Rostering
  • Real-time Management Information Systems
  • Risk Analysis (including Bloomberg integration)
  • Inventory Management (including custom API integration)

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