Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two models: fixed-price and bespoke SaSS. Traditionally, fixed-price was our standard offering, as it gave our customers peace of mind around how much budget they needed to allocate. This model works extremely well when the requirements are clearly defined at the outset.

Recently we have had a great response to our newly-introduced bespoke SaSS model: paying a fixed amount per month for a minimum contract period - similar to other SaSS products - that not only reduces the initial capital requirements, but provides flexibility around changing requirements and priority support. The choice is yours.

How do you price your projects?

With the introduction of GDPR legislation, the focus on data protection and security is greater than ever, and we take this extremely seriously.

You can read our entire Data Security Policy here to learn more about how your data is securely stored, retained and removed when necessary. It also outlines the various cyber security countermeasures we have in place to deter and mitigate internal and external threats, both accidental and malicious.

How do you keep my data secure?

We use the Microsoft stack, which includes Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and ASP.NET WebForms, Core and Blazor.

Each technology has a specific use-case and implementation cost, so by working with a wide range of technologies we can optimise the solution for your budget and timescale.

What technologies do you work with?

Absolutely. Our consultants are not only programmers, but are also experienced at analysing business processes and identifying areas that can benefit from the clever application of technology.

Once this analysis is ready, they can work with you to help create your specification, which you are free to take to other software developers if you so wish.

We don't have a brief yet, can you help us?

Of course. By default, we offer to host your web application on our Azure platform, however we are more than happy to provide you or your IT provider with the published application files and database, in order for you to host internally on a compatible platform.

We are happy to assist you and your team to perform this migration, if required, at our usual consultancy rate.

Can we host web applications internally?

If you opt for the SaSS model, then priority support based on our SLA (Service Level Agreement) is included as part of your monthly fee. Each SLA is customised and priced according to the complexity of the software that we are supporting.

If you opt for the fixed-price model, then priority support is available during development and testing, and then we revert to a best-efforts support level, unless a support SLA is purchased, for a monthly fee.

How does support work?