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Testing and Consultancy Services is a market leading company specialising in concrete structural investigations, ground investigations pile testing and construction materials testing. They have been providing first class testing services to the construction industry for over 27 years.

Find out more about how we helped TCS enhance and future-proof their legacy MS Access database.

Project Details

  • Client: TCS Testing Ltd
  • Original: Microsoft Access 2000
  • Solution: Microsoft Access 2016 & SQL Server
  • Project Duration: 8 weeks
  • Client Website:

The Challenge

TCS was using a legacy MS Access database that was originally built in Access 2000, well over a decade ago. This database was business-critical as it acted both as a CRM, as well as a Task Scheduler and Results Certificate generator. The original developer had moved on and was unable to be contacted, and they needed someone with experience of MS Access databases to fix legacy issues, as well as implement new functionality in order to bring it into the modern era.

The Desired Outcome

TCS wanted the solution to be as familiar to use as possible, as staff had been using the incumbent system for such a long time, re-training would cause significant disruption to the business. The solution should be able to function on future versions of MS Access as well as implement new quality-of-life features including the ability to connect to SharePoint and DropBox.

The Solution

Although we considered moving TCS to a web-based application, due to the requirement of keeping re-training to the minimum, we decided to re-build the database from the ground up but retain the existing UI as much as possible. Thus, the result was a modern MS Access database that connected to SQL Server, with a raft of new features that greatly improved the efficiency of the team.

The Impact

Not only has TCS increased its operational efficiency; but they also now have the ability to add new features on-demand. Due to our relationship and familiarity with the database, we have implemented features within hours or days of it being requested, and TCS are confident that they have a solution that will be supported well into the future.

Some of the main advantages of the new solution are:

  • Minimised disruption - by retaining the front-end, users do not require re-traning and can focus on performing their day-to-day tasks as normal.
  • Automated backups - we have moved all the data into an SQL Server and set up an automated backup solution, to enhance business continuity.
  • Rapid upgrades - as we have full knowledge of how the database works, we are able to add new features within days, upon request.
  • Integration with SharePoint - exported certificates are now saved to an area in the TCS SharePoint site which can be directly accessed by their clients.

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