Bespoke Web App: Quotation Tool and Margin Calculator

We developed a highly visual and easy-to-use tool that allows salespeople to re-create the current offering of an outlet, compare it to a proposed offering with different brands, and display the estimated uplift in sales.

Different scenarios can be saved in a library for sharing amongst colleagues, and the margin is calculated on-the-fly to allow salespeople to demonstrate the bottom-line impact of changes due to brand, keg size, selling price, range role and many other options.

Excel to Web App: Risk & Opportunity Tracker

Our client had over 50 salespeople using a single, shared workbook to capture risks and opportunities. Sadly, the file was often corrupted and rendered unusable, requiring re-work and causing frustration.

We developed a web portal that allowed each salesperson to log in and enter data simultaneously, without worrying about the risk of corrupting an Excel file. By consolidating the data, it was easy for us to develop management reports, which could only be accessed by users with the appropriate credentials.

Access to Web App: Claim Approval System

Our client built an MS Access database to collate customer compensation claims and track whether they had been approved or rejected, however they wanted to streamline the process.

We developed a web application that allowed staff log in and input customer claims directly into the system even if they were on-site with a client, rather than noting down the information manually and entering it into MS Access when they returned to the office.