Bespoke Web App: Case Management System

Our client was considering using an MS Excel-based system to allow his team of administrative staff keep on top of patient referrals, appointments and various other tasks. They wanted a simple-to-use system with a clean user interface to keep track of which tasks were yet to be started, in progress or completed.

After careful consideration, we decided a web-based system would offer advantages in allowing simultaneous data input, as well as the ability to automatically send out appointment reminders and reports via email. The system also locks each referral for a set period of time to prevent users from overwriting each other's changes, and automatically generates strong passwords for the reports that are sent out.

MS Excel Automation: Time & Movement System

Our client needed a system which allows staff to record their own shift times and other pertinent details. This information needed to be exported in a format that could be input directly to SAGE, the accountancy software. After careful consideration, we decided to develop an MS Excel tool.

The new system allows staff to update their shift information whenever they need to, automatically consolidates data, and exports it to SAGE. As an additional enhancement, staff can record the mileage of journeys made and details of overnight stays, something that was not possible in the old system.

MS Excel Automation: Pre-clinical Research Tool

As a supplier of products for pre-clinical research, there were specific clinical terms that Tocris did not want to use in their marketing copy. The challenge was to quickly identify these clinical terms within several different paragraphs of text so users could remove the offending terms.

We developed a macro that would highlight cells containing the offending terms specific location within each paragraph of text at a click of a button. The process automation has saved countless hours, allowing the users to focus on the more challenging aspects of their day-to-day role.