MS Excel Automation: Data Visualisation Tool

In the past, Kingfisher had a large amount of product data broken down by category, country, brand, channel, but had difficulties analysing it as it was in a raw data format. They needed an easy to use, stable and flexible solution that would improve the staff understanding of their product data.

We developed an Excel-based tool that allows users to easily visualise the underlying data, using a variety of filters and pre-set reports to produce analysis that can be easily disseminated. Our system enables our client to be more data-centric and make smarter decisions toward higher profits.

Bespoke Web App: TapMap & Margin Calculator

We developed a highly visual and easy-to-use tool that allows salespeople to re-create the current offering of an outlet, compare it to a proposed offering with different brands, and display the estimated uplift in sales.

Different scenarios can be saved in a library for sharing amongst colleagues, and the margin is calculated on-the-fly to allow salespeople to demonstrate the bottom-line impact of changes due to brand, keg size, selling price, range role and many other options.

MS Excel Automation: Data Visualisation Tool

Our client needed to improve their company efficiency by empowering its analysts to easily create their own charts and dashboards. The desire was for a tool to be developed using software that the analysts were already familiar with, to minimise training requirements.

We have developed a MS Excel tool with flexibility in mind – the analyst can customise any part of the system (from layout to formatting) as soon as the output is generated. By streamlining the data analysis process, Nielsen are now able to service their clients faster and produce richer insights.