MS Excel Automation: TRAMPS Consolidation and Reporting

We automated the generation of reports that previously had to be manually stitched together from a number of exports from TRAMPS, a popular Property Management System used within the industry.

By looking at the inputs that our client provided us with, we were able to generate an algorithm that used pattern-matching in order to stitch together the relevant sections of the various inputs and transform them into a consolidated report, using VBA within Microsoft Excel. Not only did our solution save our client time, but also reduced the risk of errors.

Excel to Web App: Contracted Works Management System

With a large portfolio of properties held by this housing association, effective management of the contracted works assigned to each property was becoming a challenge. This was exacerbated by the fact that each property had its own spreadsheet.

Our developers consolidated all of the individual spreadsheets into a SQL Server database and connected it to to a web-based front-end. By allowing batch operations across all properties at once, a process that used to take up to 6 weeks can now be done within 5 minutes.

Excel to Web App: Tenant and Landlord Management System

In the past, LPS Estates has used a simple Excel spreadsheet to manage each of its properties. They have contacted us because they needed a simple web-based solution that would prevent the duplication of data and save employee time by eliminating manual checks.

We have designed, developed and implement a web-based online database, whereby LPS Estate employees can easily navigate between different properties and view their statements, including the rent and generate a link that can be sent directly to their clients.