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Microsoft Excel Specialists

Our UK-based team are experts in automating spreadsheets using VBA or transforming
them into cloud applications to reduce errors, save time and increase productivity.

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Why partner with us?

We fit the technology to your business.

Founded in 2015 and based in London in the United Kingdom, we've helped over 50 clients in a variety of sectors including finance, food & drink, manufacturing, healthcare, property, market research and education.

We prefer to work collaberatively with our clients to understand their pain points before coming up with the proposed solution - which might even involve moving away from Excel and leveraging the power of the cloud.

As a small but highly-experienced company, we move quickly, getting projects from inception to the finish line within a fraction of the time of a typical software developer, freeing up your staff to focus on the business.

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Picture of laptop displaying bespoke Excel solution
Above: one of our bespoke solutions. Click to read more.

We developed a tool in Microsoft Excel that allowed users to easily transform and visualise large volumes of market research data, using an intuitive user interface powered by VBA.

Sonce the tool had to cater to both non-technical users and power users, we decided to allow users to unlock parts of the tool and take advantage of Excel's flexibility, so they could customise the visuals to their liking. Being part of the Microsoft Office suite, it was very easy to then connect it to PowerPoint, allowing client-ready presentations to be created in a fraction of the time.
What We Do

Our Services

Automate Excel

We use VBA to write macros that can efficiently automate manual processes within Microsoft Excel. Ideal when:

  • Process and output are clearly defined
  • No alternative to Microsoft Excel is possible
  • Only a single user needs to use the file at a time
  • Very quick turnaround required

Migrate to Cloud

Surpass the limits of Excel, particularly around security, data integrity and multiple users. A dedicated solution can provide:

  • Support for multiple simultaneous users and individual user accounts
  • Version control and audit trails
  • Improved security with gated role-based access
  • Access via any internet-connected device and modern browser

Get Advice

Let us help you cut through the noise and identify the biggest areas of opportunity, so you can focus on running the business.

  • Remote or on-site consulting
  • Can provide training, write specifications, reports and give presentations
  • Short lead times and flexible scheduling
  • Adept at integrating with your existing staff to resolve technical issues
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Our Team

Our people are the backbone of our business, with experience not only in technology, but also in quickly understanding the nuances of the industries that our clients operate in.

Picture of Lee Ramsingh, Founder
After much frustration with archaic software systems in previous roles, I decided to start a company dedicated to making technology work seamlessly with businesses.

My background as a management consultant helps me quickly identify opportunities to add significant value through the deployment of thoughtfully designed software.

Lee Ramsingh

Managing Director

Picture of Ruta Bakanaite, Operations Manager
With both a degree in Psychology and an MBA, I am passionate about finding the balance between operational efficiency and user experience.

Given the most recent developments in the software industry, there's no excuse for software that isn't intuitive or engaging.

Ruta Bakanaite

Operations Manager

Lee Ramsingh

Managing Director

Ruta Bakanaite

Operations Manager

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