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With over 25 years of experience, Loyal and Sons Ltd is a leading garment manufacturer specializing in Schoolwear, Fashionwear, Sublimated garments, and Compression Garments. Their end-to-end manufacturing process includes yarn dyeing, knitting, finishing, washing, cutting, printing, stitching, quality control, processing, and embroidery, ensuring high-quality production from start to finish.

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Project Details

  • Client: Loyal & Sons
  • Original: Outdated MS Excel spreadsheet
  • Solution: Hybrid Software
  • Project Duration: 2 months
  • Client Website:

The Challenge

Our client struggled with using numerous Excel spreadsheets for different operational processes that didn't connect, causing errors and delays. Our initial proposal was to build a fully-fledged web-based database to streamline the process from receiving orders to delivery, which would require little maintenance. However, some employees resisted the change as they were used to working in Excel. It was clear that the primary goal of any software solution is to make life easier, which would be the opposite in this case.

The Solution

The compromise was found in a hybrid software. Since the majority of the client's employees only used copies of a specific set of Excel spreadsheets, it was decided to create an add-in that allowed the client to keep using the existing spreadsheets and parse the data into the web-based database. The add-in would read the mapping fields populated with data and connect it with the API. The API would then transfer the raw data to the cloud - the backbone of the web-based database. The database would be managed by the project manager and their team.

The Result

The hybrid software solution allowed the client to keep using their existing spreadsheets while integrating the web-based database, avoiding the need for storing duplicates of the spreadsheets on multiple laptops. The approach allowed for a flexible solution that considered employees' resistance to change, resulting in a smoother transition to a more efficient system.

The Conclusion

While the fully-fledged web-based system was the ideal solution, BTC realized that a flexible approach was key. Not everyone was ready for an immediate change, and a slow but steady pace resulted in better results when building software. This case study demonstrates the importance of balancing innovation with resistance to change, highlighting the need for software development companies to work with clients to find the best solution that works for everyone

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