Web Application: Quotation Tool

Our client required a solution that would allow them to create customised quotes in a timely manner with the ability to add new product ranges. Since their existing spreadsheet proved to be inflexible in the long-term, there was a need for a better alternative.

We based our solution on an SQL database connected to a web-based tool, which could be accessed from anywhere. The tool allowed our client to easily create new quotes based on the existing templates or the custom templates for a new range of product.

Web Application: Production Planning

Our client required a system that would consolidate their production planning Excel spreadsheets into a single source of truth. Our developers decided that a web application with a database in the backend would be the best solution.

We developed an SQL database that stored all data and connected it to a web application to allow user-friendly interface to manage the data. Additionally, the business logic behind the system took over time-consuming manual processes, mitigating the risk of manual errors.

MS Excel Automation: Customer Relationship Management

Our client needed a better way of managing their contact information but did not want to allocate a large investment for the new system. That is why instead of building a web-based application, we enhanced their previous MS Excel spreadsheet.

To meet the project specifications, two new functionalities have been added to the system: a maintainable mapping table of people and their email addresses, and route buttons which directly send an email link to the company staff.

Excel to Web App: Opportunity Funnel

In the past, to manage their potential new projects IMI Precision engineering used an Excel-based spreadsheet. Their tracker was in the Excel format, making it difficult to quickly convey insights without manually producing separate charts.

We have proposed an alternative web-based solution that is more visual and easier to use. The new system has been designed as a single page application, allowing users to quickly identify the aggregate value and number of potential projects using the opportunity funnel.

Hybrid Software: Stock & Inventory Management

Our client needed a solution that would simplify their stock and inventory management process. Our initial proposal was to create a fully-fledged web application, however, there was resistance to change as the client's employee were used to operating with spreadsheets.

Hence we decided to create a unique hybrid software which consisted of an SQL database, web application for the managerial level, and a smart spreadsheet for employees. The employees could use the spreadsheet as they did before but the business logic behind it would parse the data input into the database.